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Cellular Profiles with Nylon inserts-
Cellular Door Profiles for automotive application. Effective sealent against dust air and water. excellent antivibration quality.


PVC Dual Durometer and Co-Extruded Trims & Seals.
A range of colors are available in the PVC trim range with and wihtout sponge Rubber bonding. Co-extruded profiles with flexible segmented steel core. Push -On trim seals. Versatile and Durable.




Windshield Rubber and Glazing -
For windshields and window appications easy to fit, Ozone reisistant, durable and adaptable to extreme weather conditions. Available with compression or Transfer Molded joints.


Flocked Glass Run channels-
Smooth, Flocked channels for sliding windows and glasses. Ensures easy operability reduces friction and eliminates rattles. wide range of designs available for various applications.

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